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Kids in Preschool

Apply Online or In Person

Click here to apply online


Print off a PDF application and return it to the school, or email it to Crystal De Boer at

Applications are also available at the school.

Other Things We Need

Bring the following documents into the school (we can make copies for you):

  • Driver's License, or another photo ID for adult completing the application

  • Proof of all income or other financial support the family receives. This could include, but is not limited to:

    • ​Pay Stubs​
    • A Copy of the previous year's tax return
    • A written Statement from your employer, or a letter of no income (State how your family pays bills)
    • Financial award letter, scholarships, grants, etc.
    • SSI statements, POWER or TANF statements, Proof of receiving SNAP

  • Birth Document for applying child. This could include:

    • birth certificate​

    • passport

    • immunization or medical record

  • Copy of Child's immunization record

Frequently Asked Questions

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