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About Head Start

Head Start is a national FREE preschool, serving children ages 3-5.  We were founded in 1964 as part of President Johnson's War on Poverty.  Since then, our mission has been to provide a "head start" to children and families who may otherwise struggle to succeed- especially in school.  At Head Start of Laramie, we focus on three main areas to serve our families: Family Involvement, Education, and Health.

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At HSL, education is more than learning letters and numbers.  We believe that strong, trusting relationships - with children, and parents - are the first step to building new skills and knowledge. Conscious Discipline helps us achieve this.  Then, we use the Creative Curriculum, along with teachers' expertise to incorporate school-readiness into authentic, hands-on experiences and activities. The Head Start Early Learning Framework (ELOF), and the Wyoming Early Learning Guidelines provide our teachers guidance so our children walk into Kindergarten prepared to take on any new challenge they encounter.


At Head Start of Laramie, we feel that building strong relationships with our families is the key to helping the children succeed in school, and all areas of life. Families have many opportunities to volunteer their services at Head Start. We encourage parents/guardians to spend time in the classrooms, build relationships with each other, and become a real part of our Head Start Family. Our expectation is that every family is valued and respected.


We work with the families to ensure that all their children's health needs are being met.  We encourage families to see their child’s healthcare providers regularly, and we provide healthy, well-balanced meals that follow the Child Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) guidelines.  We provide education on nutrition and healthy eating habits, and use the I Am Moving I Am Learning (IMIL) curriculum to teach the children the importance of being physically active and staying healthy.
What our families have to say:

"Head Start always provides smiling faces every day.  The knowledge and support of the staff is incredible.  Any resources, safety, etc. is provided and very helpful. We love Head Start!"

                - Liz

(HSL parent for 1 year)

"Me gusta todo de la escuela."

                     - Omar

 (HSL parent for 1 year)

"Its been the most amazing experience for my children and us, as parents. I could never thank the program enough for what they have given to us throughout the years, for  helping my children to become such amazing young men. Its just been really amazing."


            (HSL parent for 10 years)

Parent Policy Council member

"Me gusta todo de la escuela. Me gusta todo que hacen por mi hijo."

                - Juana

(HSL parent for 1 year)

"I like it, it is well organized and clear."

                    - Sherif

(HSL parent for 4 years)

"Head Start is always a pleasure for me to drop kids off and pick them up. All the staff are helpful and kind. Thank you throughout the years."

                - Jeff

Kiddie Cottage Daycare

(HSL partner 15 years)

"Head Start has given my family so much. My kids have gone here the last 5 years. Staff is amazing."

                - Julie

(HSL parent 5 years)

Parent Policy Council member

"Head Start is an amazing program! The teachers and staff are incredible and truly care for the students! They go above and beyond for all the families.  Truly love being a part of the Head Start Family!"


(HSL parent for 6 years)

"Hey you guys are awesome! What a wonderful staff!"


            (HSL parent for 2 years)

"Me gusta todo de la escuela. Todo que hacen por mi hijo es bueno.


            (HSL parent for 1 year)


Our Mission

      The mission of Laramie Child Development Corporation/Laramie Head Start is to prepare low-income children for success in school and society. Valuing the voices of families, children and staff, we work together, through shared caring and concern for children, to reach each family’s goals.



2020-2025 Program Goals

1.  LCDC/HSL will strengthen developmentally appropriate skills across all 5 domains of learning to ensure children arrive at kindergarten ready to succeed.


2. LCDC/HSL will strengthen family well-being in Albany County.


3.  LCDC/HSL will enhance the overall wellness of staff.

School Readiness Goals 

1.   Children will use their senses and physical abilities to gather knowledge and explore their environment.

2.    Children will learn how to express and interpret a broad range of emotions and engage in positive interactions with adults and other children.

3.   Children will use executive functioning skills to regulate their actions and behaviors, and construct their understanding of the world around them, with increasing independence.

4.   Children will use increasingly more complex reasoning and problem-solving skills, to organize information into foundations for complex mathematical and scientific thinking.

5.   Children will comprehend, use, and respond to increasingly complex communication and vocabulary, in both English and their home language.

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