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Welcome to the Learning Corner


Check out these links for easy ways to incorporate learning into your everyday routines, and have a lot of fun! 

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Activities To Do at Home

Ready Rosie is our parenting curriculum. It provides, fun, easy and free activity and discussion ideas that everyone can do at home! All activities are research based and back by Conscious Discipline. 

Use the login from your classroom teacher to access free resources, lesson plans, and view your child's progress!

Download this FREE app for tons of fun, free ideas of things to do with your kids at home! 

Create a free account to access movement activities, and other tools to incorporate healthy habits and learning into your day.

Helpful Resources

Use the Head Start Early Learning Framework to learn more about important developmental milestones, and learning goals, for for different ages and stages of you child's growth.

Free tools, videos, etc. to help families talk about, and get through a confusing, stressful time.

Visit this Conscious Discipline resource for ideas and examples of integrating social-emotional learning spaces and skills into your home.

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