Note: The information on this page is a continuous work in progress. Our staff are always working on new ways to make our mission and goals clear to our community. Keep an eye out for changes on this page! 


Our Mission

      The mission of Laramie Child Development Corporation/Laramie Head Start is to prepare low-income children for success in school and society. Valuing the voices of families, children and staff, we work together, through shared caring and concern for children, to reach each family’s goals.



Program Goals

1.  LCDC/HSL will foster developmentally appropriate skills across all learning domains.


2.  LCDC.HSL will sustain a qualified and effective staff.


3.  LCDC/HSL families will be lifelong learners and advocates for their children.

School Readiness Goals 

1.   Children will use their senses and physical abilities to gather knowledge and explore their environment.

2.    Children will learn how to express and interpret a broad range of emotions and engage in positive interactions with adults and other children.

3.   Children will use executive functioning skills to regulate their actions and behaviors, and construct their understanding of the world around them, with increasing independence.

4.   Children will use increasingly more complex reasoning and problem-solving skills, to organize information into foundations for complex mathematical and scientific thinking.

5.   Children will comprehend, use, and respond to increasingly complex communication and vocabulary, in both English and their home language.

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