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Our Philosophy

At Head Start of Laramie, education is more than learning your ABC's and 1-2-3's.  We believe that school readiness starts at birth, and for us, as soon as our children walk through the door! We teach to the "whole child" which means that we foster growth in all aspects of our students' lives.  Education at HSL is about learning to think in new ways, understand and manage emotions, work with others, grow physically, and experience new things that will build the foundations for success in school (like ABC's and 1-2-3's).  

Our Methods

What does learning look like at Head Start of Laramie? 

We plan rich, engaging experiences for children that allow them to explore new ideas and materials in a concrete, hands- on way.  In other words, we PLAY! 

Preschool children learn best by getting their hands dirty (both physically and metaphorically).  Our teachers utilize the guidance of our curriculum, their understanding of child development and developmentally appropriate practices, and  the Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) to intentionally plan play experiences that encourage children to learn.  We encourage students to lead play with their own ideas, solve problems, and take safe risks to find out how the world  works and why. The adults, then play alongside the children, giving them new ideas, a helping hand when needed, or simply some questions to get them thinking.  


Our Curriculum

Curriculum include the knowledge and skills students are expected to learn, and the methods in which they are taught.  Head Start requires that all programs use a research based curriculum to guide their teaching practices. 

At Head Start of Laramie, we use Creative Curriculum.  Creative Curriculum is a collection of resources that help teachers plan learning in an intentional way that research has proven leads to learning.  Creative Curriculum focuses on problem solving and critical thinking, using high-quality, open-ended materials, and supporting children as they make discoveries through hands on exploration.  

What Guides us? 

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Head Star also uses:

Conscious Discipline-

Conscious Discipline is a brain and research-based philosophy that guides behavior management and social-emotional education.  Through an understanding of brain function and development, Conscious Discipline teaches us that all behavior is a form of communication and gives us the tools and powers it takes to make intentional, helpful decisions that guide children in understanding their emotions and learning positive ways to handle any situation. 


At Head Start, our staff use the techniques and philosophies of Conscious Discipline to build connections with each other, families, and children; and create a safe and positive environment for all! 

Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF)- 

The ELOF uses comprehensive research and common developmental milestones to guide adults in what to teach and how to determine what and how much students are learning.  These are much like the standards that elementary schools use to guide what students learn in each grade. The ELOF are written to include all areas of children's development and ensure that Head Start graduates are as ready as they can be when they begin Kindergarten! 


I Am Moving, I Am Learning (IMIL)- 

IMIL is a supplementary curriculum that builds the connection between brain and body.  IMIL provides ideas and guidance with how to encourage healthy choices, and physical activity that increases learning in other areas too! We use IMIL to add movement, nutrition, and healthy choices to our day and ensure that our students are growing physically as well as mentally! 

For more information on any of these programs, click here: 


Education at HSL

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