Welcome to Head Start of Laramie!


We are a FREE preschool, serving children ages 3-5. Our highly qualified staff focus on the areas of Education, Family Partnerships, and Health to prepare both children and families for success in education and in life. 

Our Classes


All of our classes are mixed-age, which means 3, 4, and 5 year-olds are in each room.  This allows children a chance to learn from one another, take on leadership roles, and experience a diverse group of abilities, skills, and personalities. 

Each room is staffed with three teachers, increasing our ability to provide one-on-one attention, high quality instruction, and effective supervision.

  • Room 1: Billie, Savannah, Christina (Kat)

  • Room 2: Jesmin, Brenda, Linda

  • Room 3: Maddy, Kristin, Kristine

  • Room 4: Kassandra, Aspen, Raquel

Events & Announcements

Punkin Chunkin

"Join us for a day of Punkin' Chunkin' fun and support local children and youth in foster care. This year's event includes adult chunkin', kids chunkin', kids' baking contest, adult baking contest, a one stop fall shop of 50+ vendors, chicken poop bingo, a petting zoo, adult pie eating contest, kid's pie eating contest, kid's costume contest, adult costume, food trucks, and a fall festival complete with crafts and games! Don't miss out on our best Punkin' Chunkin' yet!!!" (From Punkin Chinkin Facebook Event Page)

Head Start will be hosting a booth with some games, prizes, and a chance to see some of your favorite staff members! Don't forget to stop by! 

For more info, visit the Facebook event page!

Look who got a crosswalk!

Thanks to the hard work of many Parent Policy Council members, and the Laramie Traffic Commission, we finally got a cross walk put in at the corner of Cedar and West Grand! 

The International Dance is coming up!

Breakfast Club has collaborated with staff to create a fun, laid-back way to connect with other families, and represent your family's culture! They have added a pot-luck style aspect to our annual end-of-the year dance.

We invite you to bring a dish to share with the rest of our school family.  It can be something your family loves, a recipe from your own grandparents, something from another country, or anything else that you feel represents your family.  

Along with food, we encourage you to wear any fancy, traditional, festive, or favorite clothes that represents your culture.  

We will all get together May 10, from 6:00-8:00 to share, talk, and most importantly- get our groove thangs on!


The Playhouse is done!

After many long weeks of construction, the house is finally complete! The children have enjoyed helping E&E Construction by using drills, measuring, and marking wood. They have also worked hard to determine how to be safe when using the playhouse.  Here are some of the expectations they have written: 

1. Make sure the door can open. People need to go in and out.

2. Use safe hands with everybody in the house.

3. Use safe hands on the house and door so they don't break.

4. Windows are only for teachers to open and close.

5. You can use chalk on the chalkboards in the house.

6.  Unlocking the door is a teacher job.

7. If you want to play in the house, ask a teacher if it can be open.

8.Shovels and rakes are for outside the house.

9. When a teacher says its time to line up, leave the house and line up.

10.The house is for people, not for animals.

Thank you E&E, and our Parent Policy Council for getting us such a wonderful playhouse!

365 W Grand Ave                                           (307) 742- 6792 

Laramie, WY 82070                                         Fax:307-742-5749

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